Changes on the Block…

IMG_3908The “For Sale” sign is clearly visible from my morning prayer chair and a wave of sadness comes every time I see it. After over 30 years on the block, our neighbors are moving on.

I don’t remember the day they moved in but by the next spring it was clear we had something in common: babies on the way. Our fourth, their first and our friendship formed quickly over those timeless conversations that mothers all over the world engage in.

Summer came and so did the babies and by Halloween we were posing them on the couch together. In what seemed like a couple of minutes, my older kids started babysitting hers and we listed each other as emergency contacts for everything. Oh and there was the time she drove one of my teens to the ER when we were out-of-town…

Did I mention we’re the keys-to-each-other’s -houses kind of neighbors?

She threw a surprise 40th birthday party for me and sometime early on we started sharing part of Christmas Eve with their family and just about every 4th of July. Like everyone else, most of our intertwined lives occurred between the holidays when there was always something to borrow from an egg to a car. Information on the goings on in the block passed back and forth quickly too along with a few unsolved mysteries.

In no time we all showed up for weddings and then dropped by to meet grandchildren. The in-between years are well documented in my photo albums. Tree forts, kiddie pools, birthday parties, back yard BBQs. On the night of senior prom our same-aged kids posed together although they both came with different dates. We all thought it would go on forever.

The day they dropped their landline caused quite a stir in our household. No one can believe they are dropping the house next. The kids are gone, the job relocated and the time has come.

We’re praying for whoever moves in next but it will always be ‘their” house. Just like the houses in my childhood Quincy still belong to long ago vacated neighbors.

Wishing you all the best dear friends but oh how we’ll miss you.

Hope for the best,



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