“For Now”

IMG_3896I find myself mumbling these two words throughout the day. Mostly in regard to not quite finishing a task. Can you relate?

For instance, I’ll place my oatmeal bowl in the sink “for now.” Or only put away half the laundry “for now” or open the mail and leave it on the table “for now.”

I’m not quite sure what better time I’m waiting for to finish the final step. A minute? An hour? Tomorrow? The weekend? Sigh. Perhaps I get too bored in the moment to complete the task at hand and look for something more exciting to start. You too?

I think I inherited this trait. While visiting my mom over the weekend, I helped her clear off some table surfaces. I held one item for quite a while as she thought about where to put it. Then she uttered the famous words, “put it …. FOR NOW.” I’m sure it will still be there on my next visit.

Most tasks get finished by the end of the day but my small storage area in the basement bulges with “for nows.” I’m usually dropping by to stash something in there: wrapping paper, picture frames, baby toys, all just for a tiny bit of time, or so I tell myself. Cleaning it out this weekend is on my to-do list “for now” but we’ll see if I get any better offers.

To deal with this pattern, I alternate between giving myself grace (oh well!), perspective (I complete lots of other tasks just fine) or a roll of my own eyes (what is with you?)

Honestly, it’s not that high up on my list of “things to work on” but it drives me a bit crazy some days. Meanwhile, I need to find a real home for my Valentine mugs that I put on top of the fridge…  ‘for now.”

Hope for the best,


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2 Responses to ““For Now””

  1. 1 Jan peterson March 3, 2016 at 4:08 PM

    oh boy, I relate. I think being retired lends itself to this issue. I do a little, then I’ll get involved with a book, a movie, or an outing and that is all she wrote. thanks for a little perspective!

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