The Fence “Post”


Breakfast surprise!

As I slipped a graduation card for my five-year-old friend into the fence slats, I remembered that my childhood next door neighbor refused to speak to us. The kids were friendly, the dad always said Hi but the mom went out of her way to ignore our family. We never knew why. The snubbing started the day we moved in and continued until the day we moved out thirteen years later.

Perhaps that is part of the story of my delight in my current next door neighbors. Not only does everyone say Hi all the time but we sometimes leave each other stuff on the fence. Good stuff. Cards, photos, and even little gifts.

No one can remember who started it. In fact, when they first moved in, that fence wasn’t there. The old one couldn’t have supported much of anything. One day, something showed up  and the fence posting has been going on ever since.

My favorite surprise came on a morning we were leaving for a trip. Nothing was left in my fridge for a morning smoothie, only I was the only one who knew that… In a flash, the text came in to “check the fence.” Due to the perishable item, a text was necessary so I could get it before the wildlife did.

Perched rather precariously on the fence was a smoothie!  Much better than the one I would have concocted 🙂 The astonishment of the timing of the morning gift still remains.

I hope we can keep this up forever but no doubt at least one of us will move on as our other beloved neighbor recently did. Since I’m trying to stay in the moment, I won’t even think about that!

Maybe you and your neighbor are somewhere in between the not speaking and the gift giving but give it a little push to see what can happen. You might not have a fence for posting but you’ll figure something out!

The season is upon us.

Hope for the best,


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2 Responses to “The Fence “Post””

  1. 1 1katkatv2 May 24, 2016 at 4:08 PM

    This is a nice idea and not just for neighbors!

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