Greatest Family Hits on the Piano



October Honorees

My piano fills our world with beauty and it is not because it ever gets played. It doesn’t.

We are a family of non-musicians. Of sure, the kids took a smattering of lessons here and there, violin, drums, guitar for sure and once the piano arrived, the first three took a year or two of lessons.

The piano came from my mother’s house, I learned to play (so to speak) on it in my younger years. In spite what must have been hundreds of dollars in lessons, I never quite got it. My piano teacher, Mrs. Jenkins, lived up the street and I remember how hard she tried while Mr. Jenkins watched TV.  My lack of talent wasn’t her fault, nor the teacher after that in high school. I did give it a good try.

So when my mom wanted more space in her living room, she shipped it to me. Not with official piano movers but with two guys who schlepped it 300 miles in their pick-up truck and rolled it into my home. Some folks get excited to see it and assume someone must play. Not true. It is also horribly out of tune.

The best use of the piano is a photo gallery. Each month I rotate a series of pictures to honor people and events in our family that have a connection to the current month. I used to have the same ones resting on top month after month and it got so boring.

This month features our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding from seven years ago, our granddaughter’s birthday party from yesterday, my brother and I from about 1952 (his birthday month also), a great shot of a fun family time three years ago in October and one of my husband’s mom taken when she was about four in 1929. She will be 91 later this month. All October honorees.

The photos remind me of our legacy.  Who we are a part of and where we have come from. I look forward to updating it each month.

The piano has found a good use at last. Maybe some day it will play music again for my ears but for now it is playing a sweet melody to my soul.

Where do you display your legacy?

Hope for the best,



4 Responses to “Greatest Family Hits on the Piano”

  1. 1 Brian and Carol Early Cooney October 3, 2016 at 3:40 PM

    When we first moved to our new house, the mantle in the living room was bare for several weeks. The room was just not finished and felt all wrong to me. One day I grabbed all the family pictures and put them on the mantle along with some pictures that we had hanging above the fireplace in our old home. While I am sure that there are some decorating things that should be done to coordinate the frames, it at least helped to make the room feel like it was ours.

  2. 3 Jeanne Doyon October 3, 2016 at 6:06 PM

    When the kids were small, their photos lined the stairway going upstairs. When I got creative I made a double-page spread in a photo album with photos from birth to graduation.
    Since then, we don’t take as many photos. Some hang out on Facebook. And I have a Silhouette collage of the three of them hanging on the wall in the living room.
    Once grandchildren begin coming, we may need another plan to host the family photos.

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