Retro “Intentions” for the New Year

retro-fifties-lady-housewifeSince I am a life coach, you might think I love “resolutions.”  Okay, I used to (before I was a coach.) In this season of my life, I prefer the concept of “intentions.” Softer, at least to me, but still motivating.

Like most of my friends and probably you too, losing a few pounds or cleaning out those old emails or reading more books always seems like the best strategy for a new start in January. I have all those items and more on my “intentions” list but I wanted to let you know the two changes that I am staying consistent with so far. I know it’s early but I celebrate all successes!

1.Washing dishes. Before you gasp like “what was she doing before??” I will tell you dishwashers just don’t last as long as they used to. We bought this one five years ago and I am disappointed it is fading so fast. The previous one lasted eleven  years before it started ignoring the crud.

After yet another round of re-washing I decided to skip the dishwasher and go straight to the sink. Anyone remember that? Funny but when I went to Target to buy a dish pan, the very young sales clerk looked at me blankly when I asked where the dish pans were. I repeated my question and he took me to the cooking pan aisle. Again, “no, where are the dish pans?” He still looked like I was speaking pig-Latin. I finally asked where the dish racks were and he pointed the way. Of course, the dish pans were there too.

I really enjoy washing my dishes by hand and it is so much faster than I remember. Ask me in a month how it’s going. Good music helps too.

2.Exercise Videos. So far so good. I have a stack of Jane Fonda videos designed for “women of a certain age.” I used to jump along with Jane in the 90’s but neither one of us is doing much jumping these days. These versions are “gentler” but still challenging. Perfect.

Each video is less than 30 minutes long, a big plus for me, and I just need to walk downstairs before I do anything else in the morning. All plans to get to it later never happen. The key is to lay out the workout clothes the night before and make sure the video is ready to play.

How about you? Any intentions you can report on so far?

Hope for the best,



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