Freeze these Moments!


With the oldest at a Christmas play.

My daughter texted that she was on the way over so, instead of finishing five more things, I stood at the window to watch. Not a common practice but this time I wanted to freeze the moment.

Just like a thousand other times, a van pulled up and in that ordinary moment I experienced a gush of grace to realize how precious and fleeting this season of life is. This silver van holds two grandchildren, the other red one transports five of them. There is one more in a distant state. Piling out of the car, they always run into the house eager for fun (except the littlest one that still needs someone to carry.)

Excitement abounds because so far, we are still the hot stuff in town. They count on and receive lots of hugs, stories read, no-complaint food and for the older ones, a big box of Legos in the basement. Not quite like my beloved grandpa who offered me a “soda” as I walked in the door and a half-dollar when I walked out but you get the idea.

Just like with our own four, these days seem like they will never end. But I know now from wistful experience, these early years have an expiration date. Shows up way too quickly. At some point, the older ones might have “other offers” for a Friday night or Saturday morning and one day no one will need a parent to drive them over.

So, until then, I plan to notice, savor, put my phone down, and enjoy this second chance to imprint precious souls in little bodies.

My friends tell me grandchildren are a lot of fun when they are older too and I’m confident we find new fun ways to connect for that long season. I’m not thinking about that much now though so it doesn’t distract me from the moments of today.

The oldest drew me this picture a year or two back which lives forever on the fridge: “We think of you all the time Mimi!”


Ditto my darlings.

Hope for the best,


2 Responses to “Freeze these Moments!”

  1. 1 Mary Armstrong-Reiner January 19, 2017 at 5:20 PM

    Ah, yes, I can still smell the Pepsi on the porch behind the little door. Grandpa went up in money bc when we got older, we’d stay overnight. He’s take us to Lum’s for dinner, stop by TG, & Y for some candy, & back to their house to watch a tv show or two. In the morning, next to our cereal bowl, lay a dollar bill. Grandparents are a real gift, & it is clear that you are one precious grandma! Thanks for reminding me of some great memories! Keep making them with your precious ones! Mary

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