Start with Flowers

liliesIt usually takes me a few weeks after Christmas to pick up where I left off late-December. Not that I don’t get any work done but rather than clean my home office before resuming a regular workflow, I did a lot of piling up. When I needed the space, I just scooched everything over or tossed the piles into a laundry basket Paper Laundry.

I knew when the gig was up, we usually do, and order demanded restoration before any further creativity could ensue. The first step is always the same, start with flowers.

Not just any flowers but fragrant blooms, Oriental Lilies. Nothing brings out the order in me like those lilies. They rest atop my “other” desk, the small antique wood one that I sit and write letters at.

Once the lilies were in place, I found it easy to fly through the piles, tossing and shredding and sometimes filing away. With their beauty and fragrance to propel me on, as well as fast tempo’d “cleaning music,” I tackled the bookshelf next. More piles ensued but this time they had labels: donate to the library, give to friends, add to my current reading pile.

Photos got updated as well as I like to see loved ones and framed happy memories. My computer desk was the last project as I once again carefully selected the objects in my visual site each time I sat down to work.

I’m happy to report the surfaces are still clear and the flowers are still blooming after a few weeks! Quite a beauty bargain at $4.99.

Truly, my office would still be piled up if I hadn’t started with the flowers. I find the same principle works with my dining room table. Hard to behold beauty and paper pile-ups simultaneously so the papers get reassigned a location. But not to my desk! Quickest step is to just go through them.

Like with many other details of order, do what works for you to get it done. Flowers get me started,”cleaning music” carries me through the task and maintaining (the hardest part) keeps me satisfied each time I step into the room.

What works for you to chase the intentional life?

Hope for the best,


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4 Responses to “Start with Flowers”

  1. 1 Brian and Carol Early Cooney February 2, 2017 at 4:03 PM

    I sat down yesterday morning at my desk to write my morning pages and realized that the first order of business had to be clearing off my desk. Too much stuff – too distracting to get anything done. Isn’t it funny how suddenly enough is enough and it just has to be done. And then it feels so good! There is still too much stuff here but at least I can see more desk than before!

  2. 3 Emily @ everydaymom February 15, 2017 at 6:27 PM

    My word for 2017 is Intentional, so I’ve really been thinking about this question that you asked. One of the things I’ve been convicted to do this year is to challenge myself each month to give up one thing that has become a negative for me in some way and add one thing that is the opposite, but a positive. I’m halfway through my second month of this, and it has really helped me become more intentional as I focus on removing things that have become obstacles and make space for things that fill me up in a positive way.

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