The Book Signing

Let me just say it up front, our family is full of Chicago Cub fans. For generations. Tom has a brick at Wrigley Field, we have a W flag, our grand kids know the names and stats for the players, etc. Those kind of fans.

So, when I noticed that David Ross, the recently retired catcher, was signing his new book, Teammate, at a nearby Barnes and Noble, the event got a spot in our calendar for last Thursday, our set-aside family night for 40 plus years.

Turns out it was a two-part deal. I needed to stop by the store in the morning to buy the book, pick up a ticket for the signing and then return later that evening. I thought it would take just a few minutes for that first part. Wrong. More like 105 minutes.  The line snaked all around the mall just to get a ticket. I was already committed, so settled in.

The long line.

Funny how these lines work but at the end of the wait, I knew parts of the life story of my little section of the fans. The story of the four-year-old IVF twins, the son who was moving away and taking the only grandchildren with him, the tennis player who would now be late for a match. Like women at the well, our chit chat revealed a lot.

Community can form anywhere.

Tom and I both returned in the evening and even though he now had a number and a time to show up, the line looked about the same. Fortunately, it was a lovely evening and they were passing out free Cubs chocolate 😊 I took walks around the area to get my steps and Tom stayed put and engaged with his slowly moving section, exchanging more stories.

Once inside, another hour lapsed. Tom kept his steady place and I wandered around the store. A conversation I had with a woman in the travel section about God was quite fun. You just never know!

Tom’s turn finally came and he had a tiny slice of time to thank David Ross for the “decency he brought to the game.” He reported that David was very kind and humble and seemed genuinely happy to meet his fans.

Total time investment, including the driving, was about five hours but the memory is priceless. Not just of the meeting and book signing but of the conversations, the chance to act like a kid again waiting to meet a sports hero, to say yes to a fun opportunity that might not come along again.

Brick at Wrigley.

Who would you wait in line for?

Hope for the best,






4 Responses to “The Book Signing”

  1. 1 maryawordbird June 8, 2017 at 12:39 PM

    What a fabulous adventure – Tom looks thrilled!


  2. 3 Sally Smith June 8, 2017 at 8:05 PM

    A once in a life time event. So happy you two could do it

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