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Celebrate your Kissaversary!

1103348_toast__3My dad astonished us all by sending my mom flowers on the day he calculated that her total days of married life was one day longer than all the time she was single.  If you knew my dad, you would understand our amazement that he had been counting.

Back in the day when the length of romance measured in terms of months, each one seemed like such a milestone.  Remember the thrill of six months of dating?  Long after you are counting in terms of years, you can still find lots of opportunities to throw a party for two

Can you come up with the exact day you met your spouse? Ours was September 18, 1970, great story by the way. We still celebrate the anniversary of that life-changing encounter, three years before our wedding.

Do you have a kissaversary?  Of course you do but you might not remember the exact day.  You can always make up a date!  Ours was Halloween, 1971 when our 13 months of “just friends” turned a corner.

How about the day you got engaged?  My husband needs a little reminder of this milestone every August 28 but the memory of the mosquito-infested forest preserve where we had a little picnic and proposal  is never forgotten.

First date?  That one I don’t remember but you might.

Marriage holds a lot of anniversaries and celebrating them all reminds you of your shared history, deepens your bond, and provides a lot of fun along the way.


Hope for the Best,


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