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Basketful of Holy Books

Every morning I make my way to an old overstuffed flowery chair in my living room.  My family calls it “Mom’s Prayer Chair” and I am the only one who ever sits in it.  Could be because one of the legs wobbles but so far it holds up well.

In front of the chair is a wooden footstool made by one of my children in junior high…years ago.  The stool is ample size to hold a mug of tea and an English muffin on a blue and white saucer. I usually like quiet music in the background to add to the the ambiance.

Next to the chair is a burgeoning basket of books, I call them my Holy Books.  One by one in a prescribed order, I pull the books out. Some I read, some I write in, and when all the books are back in the basket, I am ready for the day.

Here is what’s in the basket these days:

First out is Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  A one-page devotional that always seems to speak into just where I am.

My cornflower blue journal is next.  I write a brief account of the previous day.  More on this in a future post.

The next book I pull out is whatever writing is currently feeding me spiritually.  These mornings I am slowly re-reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp as it was so life-changing on the first read.  In the summer it is always one of Madeline L’Engle’s nonfiction works.

My white small 3 ring binder/prayer journal is next.  First I page through the pages of photos of my family as I pray for them, then I write my prayers from the place my heart is at each day.  More on that later too.

Last out is my well-worn, deeply underlined Bible.  I pick up where I left off the day before following a plan to read it through in a year-each year.

Sometimes there are other books visiting the basket but these are the mainstays.  In a few weeks I will transfer the books to the summer basket and carry them, and the tea, outside to my wicker chair on the deck for the outdoor chapel.

Handful of books, heart-full of transformation.

What’s in your basket?

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