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Simple Fare for Friends-in-Need

brownies-three-664593-mHave you made a multi-course meal lately for someone who is sick or a new neighbor or a mom with a newborn  and delivered it to them in a pretty basket along with a lovely greeting card? OK, I haven’t either.

I have received a handful of those beautiful offerings in my times of need and was so blown away by all the carefully appointed details that anything less felt “not good enough.” Can you relate?

So when a new neighbor moved in or someone in my circle had a baby/got sick/suffered a crisis, I held off responding until I had time/energy to provide the full-blown deal and too often didn’t-do-anything.

Until after an embarrassing delay of responding, I did the one thing I could pull off, a plate of brownies. Amazingly, the recipient didn’t look a bit disappointed that the rest of the meal was missing!

The next time a need arose, I ordered a meal for delivery. Felt so “cheating” at first but the thank you was just as genuine and the Thai food that I could have never prepared filled the need of the evening just fine.

So next time you get the urge to provide “something” for someone, look around your kitchen, flip through your take-out menus, check out your freezer. It all counts in the category of “feed the hungry.”

I would love to promise you the beautiful food basket in your time of need and maybe one day it will be in my hand but I can usually throw together a batch of brownies or maybe a pot of chili on a good day. Can we agree not to judge if a few courses are left off the menu?

Jesus said: “And if, as my representatives, you give even a cup of cold water to a little child, you will surely be rewarded.”

I can do that. You can too.

Hope for the Best,


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