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Read More/Scroll Less

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Did you add “Read More” to your New Year’s Resolutions list? How’s that going in these first few weeks?

Somehow I seem to want to read more than I actually do. Books that is, not just Facebook scrolls. My husband might disagree as it seems like I am always commenting on a book but I decided to step up my game.

Here’s what’s working so far…

1. Sign up for a challenge. I chose Goodreads and decided to commit to 50 books this year. About 15 more than last year. As a life coach, I love accountability and can’t wait to list each book as I finish it. It is also fun to see what other friends on the site are also reading.

2. Make a specific goal. “Read more” isn’t really a goal, it is a wish. “Read 4 books a month” is a goal. I’m reaching for that. I finished two books early in the year so I counted those 🙂 This month, I have my four on the crossed off list. 44 books to go.

3) Pick a time and a place. (Sounds like a line from Hamilton.) For me, that time and place has to be in addition to my pillow right before bed. Taking a reading break before noon has worked so far. I leave my desk for a comfortable chair, grab a book and set a timer. I use this time to read mostly non-fiction books that look helpful or fascinating but don’t pull me too far in so I can get back to the work mode.

I save my novels for bedtime which means they sometimes take a long time to finish. If an evening is open, I find I enjoy the reading option more than TV and grab my novel and a hot drink and settle in by my (electric) fireplace.

4) Use your library app. Whenever I hear about some new-to-me book that sounds like a good one, I add it to my “hold” account. I always pick them up from my local branch when I get the notice and usually at least start them. That way, the pile is always ready. If it’s not a good fit after all, I return it quickly to someone else can give it a try.

5. Sign up for Bookbub This can be a little dangerous if you like to buy a lot of books for your e-reader but many are fr*e. Each morning you get a list of the day’s offering of digital books tailored to your tastes (you fill out a form when you sign up.) The books range from $2.99 to fr*e. If one of the higher priced ones looks good, I will add it to my books-to-read section in my NOTES app on the phone and later get it from the library.

Next time I’ll tell you about the books I’m currently reading/finishing.

How do you fit reading in?

Hope for the Best,



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