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My Most Successful NY Resolution!

Since I am a Life Coach (certified as well!), you might guess I love New Year’s Resolutions. True that but I make them all year-long. Just like you through, some stick better than others. If I think I “should” do something, it is not going to last long. If I WANT to do something, I have satisfying success (usually.)

Even I am amazed, however, that a resolution I made one year ago today is still going strong. Exercise six days a week. Before you gasp at imagining me pumping iron and running hard, it’s not like that.

I simply answered an oft asked question, “what is one thing you could add to your life that would make the biggest difference?” For me that was some regular exercise (note the vaguely worded “some”.) Since I know myself well and that I do better with an “always” than an “occasional,” I added the six days a week. Sabbath is a high priority for me and in spite of the success, it still feels like work.

I go to classes about 3 X a week and do videos at home the other days. When I’m traveling, I find a treadmill or gym or otherwise count steps. Believe me, I give myself a lot of grace, it all counts.

No, I don’t exercise on Christmas or if I’m sicker than a cold.

This year I decided I should pick up the pace and work harder or longer then I caught the “should” and backed off. When I really want to, it will happen.

My Gym Props

What resolution have you had success with?

Hope for the best,


PS My Next book, “!00 Need-to-Know Tips for Moms of Tweens & Teens” is coming soon!




Receipts Tell a Story

Like any good Life Coach, I do my work too and along with my clients, embarked on the “Ten Goals in 90 Days” plan.

Goal # 8:  Enter receipts into  I expected a perfunctory, somewhat boring task.  Instead, with a cathartic Pandora station playing the soundtrack, I am time-traveling, laughing, crying and re-visiting the past few months.

The CVS receipt for the peanut butter ice cream bars invites another look at that hot Saturday morning of garage sales with my grandchildren.  The sales didn’t thrill us but standing in front of the freezer carefully choosing from the array of options did.

The sales slip for sparkly dress I bought the day before our friend’s party caught me  laughing at the fun of finally dancing again.  Next appeared the long itemized list of plants I purchased when I was so hopeful for the garden (before the drought) followed by the receipt for ingredients I bought to make the once-a-year 4th of July dessert, Blueberry Cream Pie.  What a fun day that was!

I shot up thanks again on finding receipt from the resale shop deals that outfitted me for a summer trip. $13 for five items 🙂

The wedding receipts wrap me in the exquisite joy of that week and tears slip down my cheeks.

Money spent is not just an expense but sometimes morphs into an investment in the story of your life. 

Some days, handing over bills or a card for an ordinary purchase  suddenly opens a new exhibit in our “museum of memories,”  sets a stage, opens  a door. Definitely…Priceless!

Like a pile of photographs, the receipts tell stories and I am loving hearing them again.

Buying the memory of a train ride to Millennium Park

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