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My Most Successful NY Resolution!

Since I am a Life Coach (certified as well!), you might guess I love New Year’s Resolutions. True that but I make them all year-long. Just like you through, some stick better than others. If I think I “should” do something, it is not going to last long. If I WANT to do something, I have satisfying success (usually.)

Even I am amazed, however, that a resolution I made one year ago today is still going strong. Exercise six days a week. Before you gasp at imagining me pumping iron and running hard, it’s not like that.

I simply answered an oft asked question, “what is one thing you could add to your life that would make the biggest difference?” For me that was some regular exercise (note the vaguely worded “some”.) Since I know myself well and that I do better with an “always” than an “occasional,” I added the six days a week. Sabbath is a high priority for me and in spite of the success, it still feels like work.

I go to classes about 3 X a week and do videos at home the other days. When I’m traveling, I find a treadmill or gym or otherwise count steps. Believe me, I give myself a lot of grace, it all counts.

No, I don’t exercise on Christmas or if I’m sicker than a cold.

This year I decided I should pick up the pace and work harder or longer then I caught the “should” and backed off. When I really want to, it will happen.

My Gym Props

What resolution have you had success with?

Hope for the best,


PS My Next book, “!00 Need-to-Know Tips for Moms of Tweens & Teens” is coming soon!




My One Resolution

chalk-board-1206710-mI clinked glasses on New Year’s Eve and Day to all things NEW and continue to wish “Happy NEW Year” to many who cross paths with me but, to tell you the truth, I have a lot of OLD-Year agenda I am still working on and I’m OK with that.

I’m in-progress on last year’s full in-baskets, photos still on the computer, pounds not yet gone and more.  Maybe because September feels like the real New Year ( ) but I’m resolving not to jump into a whole new set of new resolutions until I finish some of the old ones.

I know I’m the girl who wrote a whole book on Renewal (  I do like NEW day-to-day rhythms and fresh home arrangements and un-tried recipes. I love playing with my NEW Christmas toys and I look forward to NEW adventures but I’m not making a “This I Must Do” list this year.

I feel encouraged by realizing God’s time table is much more fluid than mine and that he probably isn’t bothered at all by my lack of new to-do’s when it is mid-January already.  Somehow I think we don’t share a Google Calendar. What I think I’m hearing is just to obey the last thing I heard.  Some legs of my journey are just long.

Hope for the Best,


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