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Day 365

My First (of MANY) masks!

I was so ecstatic to push past my heavy coats in the hall closet and reach for a lighter jacket for an afternoon walk this week. The right pocket felt lumpy and I reached in and pulled out my first mask. “Oh, that’s where it went” I mumbled to no one in particular.  But the memories flooded back.

The mask had arrived on May 2, 2020. Prior that, we were using the disposable ones. But now it seemed like this virus was lingering a little longer that we expected so our daughter bought us masks off some new website. We were barely going anywhere except a walk in the neighborhood, but it felt secure to have the cloth mask in case we needed it. At the beginning it was uncertain, Dr. Fauci wasn’t sure either.

Soon we added more masks to the pile and shortly after, designated a cute container by the door to hold them. BTW we now each have multiple cloth, thin disposable and N95’s at the ready. Lipstick became less essential.

All our groceries came in delivery trucks/cars at this point (still do) and we were carefully wiping everything down with the wipes were managed to find. Ordering out food felt risky but by Easter, we took a chance.  No indoor dining ever.

Your story is probably similar.

We all had a Covid-birthday, a Covid-Christmas, as well as celebrated Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year and Valentine’s Day in our masks or home alone. At least that was our experience.

Many of us also attended COVID-19 weddings, graduations, and funerals. Sometimes on a screen. Sometimes in a tiny group where no one hugged. My mother’s funeral was like that. So was my aunt’s.

If we had known what was ahead, we might not have been able to bear it. Instead, it rolled out one day at a time.

Along the way, I kept track of those days by number as well as a record each day of the cases/deaths in our town. I also cut out headlines and photos from print media to remember, or more accurate to pass on to future generations. I won’t be forgetting. Certain parts are so painful.

This morning in my journal, I wrote March 11, Day 365. Since the beginning, 4001 recorded cases in my town with 114 deaths.  One year. It has finally come around. Last year’s March 11 is still deeply imprinted. Read about it here:

To commemorate today, we are going in this afternoon to get our second vaccine. So fitting that the appointment landed on this memorable day. The window is slowly opening, I’m wondering what the view will be. I don’t expect or want it to be the same as before.

I’ve long believed one can’t simultaneously experience and process at the same time. As for Covid, I’m still way into experiencing. Stay tuned for the process.

Hope for the Best,


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